Monday, May 30, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday - Memorial Day style

Kidlet is thrilled to be out of school for the summer, even if I am making him do math worksheets :P Don't feel too bad for him, he likes it! When he handed me his finished sheets and I told him I would grade them later he got extremely excited and said "Will you do the percents?!? And give me a grade card at the end of the summer?" Silly kid. I obliged and will be tracking his progress. If he keeps A's on his summer work he will get a treat before school starts! Check out other tins today at Muffin Tin Monday

Top L-R: Red white and blue layered jello, potato salad, mexican grilled corn
Bottom L-R: Soy hot dog half, cherries, soy hot dog half

Not too exciting as far as muffin tins go, however, CHECK OUT MY JELLO!! I've seen layered Jello before but figured it would be a big hassle to make. Not so! It was super easy and Kidlet could not get enough of it's silly wigglyness.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Doctor Who's cutest little villain!

With this bento we say farewell to grade 4! Kidlet is thrilled to be on summer vacation now! We've been watching Doctor Who episodes lately and when Kidlet saw this Adipose creature in one episode he wanted it for bento. He also wants the plushie they make of it, it is a funny little villain. We'll ignore the irony of a fat blob creature in a bento lunch :D

Very simply today, Kidlet has Adipose cheese creature on top of a soy ham sandwich. On the side are potato salad and cherries.

While we say farewell to grade 4 we are also saying farewell to some bento gear! The above box has been hingeless for about half the year's one of my favorite's but it must go. We have a few boxes that are in great condition that need a new home, thinking about a giveaway or series of giveaways in the near future.....

Here's a before shot of our out of control bento bin. Organized shots will be coming soon!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Picnic bento

I've been a bit run over by end of school happenings this week. Every morning Kidlet likes to tell me just how many days are left.....only one now. He made me cry a little in the car when he said "In August I will have my very last first day of elementary school" WHAT?!? He's gotten very good at phrasing things just the right way to make me weepy.

I brought this bento to school for Kidlet on Family Picnic day. It holds oranges, grapes, checkered apple, grapes,cherries, gyoza shaped egg salad sandwiches, Trader Joe's honey wheat pretzel sticks, and colored bell peppers. Kidlet was sulky during lunch and when I asked what was wrong he said "You always put dessert in the middle......WHERE IS DESSERT?!?!" Ooops :/

And despite his insisting on growing up all the time....he still looks pretty adorable when he falls asleep on the couch during a rainstorm.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Annual Field Trip Lunch- Harry Potter Style

So today was Kidlet's school field trip. This year they went to a local metro park to learn about plants. This of course means that he needed a completely disposable lunch, which of course grinds on me especially when they are teaching about conservation. Phooey. I mean, if they have to carry the lunches there why is it so hard to carry them back?

Anyway, Kidlet and his friends are REALLY in to Harry Potter right now. So much so that he actually asked his Grandma for chores when he went to her house so he could earn money for a wand. Kidlet has never been one to ask for more chores so this is serious love. You can see other Harry Potter lunches I have made here.

Today Kidlet has a cheese sorting hat on top of a soy ham sandwich. On the side are blueberries, strawberry, orange bell pepper, and blackberries.

Here it is closed up. In order to make the bento disposable I used a cherry tomato container. Not thrilled that it probably got trashed instead of recycled but what can you do? Alongside bento Kidlet had a chocolate soy milk and some cheddar bunnies.

And like last year's field trip, Kidlet had to have his paper bag become a little more fancy. This year he got Harry Potter drawn on with colored pencils. Last year he had R2D2.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Kit Fisto bento

Happy Star Wars day everyone :) May the 4th be with you....he he. Kidlet rattled off a long list of characters he'd like for bento but finally settled on Kit Fisto. He found this cute little character of Kit and asked me to reproduce it in his lunch today!

Kit Fisto is cheese and food coloring and sits on a soy ham sandwich. On the side are grapes, checkered apple, and orange slice.

Of course I also had to make some cute little chocolate Darth Vader cookies. Recipe can be found over at Bake at 350.