Friday, May 27, 2011

Doctor Who's cutest little villain!

With this bento we say farewell to grade 4! Kidlet is thrilled to be on summer vacation now! We've been watching Doctor Who episodes lately and when Kidlet saw this Adipose creature in one episode he wanted it for bento. He also wants the plushie they make of it, it is a funny little villain. We'll ignore the irony of a fat blob creature in a bento lunch :D

Very simply today, Kidlet has Adipose cheese creature on top of a soy ham sandwich. On the side are potato salad and cherries.

While we say farewell to grade 4 we are also saying farewell to some bento gear! The above box has been hingeless for about half the year's one of my favorite's but it must go. We have a few boxes that are in great condition that need a new home, thinking about a giveaway or series of giveaways in the near future.....

Here's a before shot of our out of control bento bin. Organized shots will be coming soon!


  1. Oh so witty and cute!! Bentobird

  2. Hi, I am an Indian foodie from Hong Kong. First time here and I just loved your bentos. Loved your site and wish to visit again. Do check out mine too!

  3. That sure is a cute sandwich! Although I had no idea who that was ;p
    Can't wait to see how you organize your bento bin btw!


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