Thursday, May 26, 2011

Picnic bento

I've been a bit run over by end of school happenings this week. Every morning Kidlet likes to tell me just how many days are left.....only one now. He made me cry a little in the car when he said "In August I will have my very last first day of elementary school" WHAT?!? He's gotten very good at phrasing things just the right way to make me weepy.

I brought this bento to school for Kidlet on Family Picnic day. It holds oranges, grapes, checkered apple, grapes,cherries, gyoza shaped egg salad sandwiches, Trader Joe's honey wheat pretzel sticks, and colored bell peppers. Kidlet was sulky during lunch and when I asked what was wrong he said "You always put dessert in the middle......WHERE IS DESSERT?!?!" Ooops :/

And despite his insisting on growing up all the time....he still looks pretty adorable when he falls asleep on the couch during a rainstorm.


  1. What a pretty picnic bento to share. I don't know why they have to grow up quite so fast myself. :'(

  2. Aww! (and Where can I get a bento box like that??!)

  3. I got that bento at Kam Man Asian Market during a Spring Break trip to Boston! I haven't seen it anywhere online but I have seen lots of similar bento boxes.

    I attached some amazon links to the end of the post of a few similar boxes :)

  4. You used a potsticker mold to make little pocket sandwiches? Genius! I am TOTALLY stealing that idea!


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