Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Potter Puppet Pals Dumbledore Birthday Bento and Birthday Pics!

There's a mouthful! Today is Kidlet's 11th birthday. 11th!! I never feel as old on my birthday as I do on his :P This year Kidlet requested everything to be Potter Puppet Pals themed. If you've never seen the videos you should check them out, they are quite hilarious. *some language warning if you have little ones around*

Lunch features Puppet!Dumbledore made from cheese and food color sitting on a soy Chick'n patty sandwich. On the side are blackberries, grapes, and carrots.

Kidlet this morning feeling very bouncy about his Birthday in his new sweatshirt!

Close up  of the birthday sweatshirt I made for him

And the final Puppet Pals themed item of the day is cupcakes he took to school with him. Peanut butter with chocolate frosting. Toppers are fondant colored with food colors

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