Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Barbaloot Bento

A friend of the Lorax, today's lunch includes a Barbaloot! These little teddy bear creatures are a favorite of mine and Kidlet's! Now normally I do not include sweets in a bento lunch, however there is a Lorax commercial out there showing a group of adorable Barbaloots with marshmallows raining down on them! So cute!  The Truffula tree marshmallows is an idea I stole from The Decorated Cookie.

Kidlet has a cheese Barbaloot sitting on a Biscoff sandwich. On the side are marshmallow Truffula tree, checkered apple, strawberries, goldfish crackers, and orange bell pepper


  1. Jenn, love the adorable teddy bear and the whole bento looks so cute :)

  2. PERFECT Seuss lunch! Love everything about it. The marshmallows are brilliant!

  3. So fun! Your bentos are like no one else's Jenn!

  4. The Barbaloot is super cute! Wait, did I just rhyme this time? :)


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