Thursday, March 1, 2012

One Fish Two Fish Bento Lunch

I am having a lot of fun making Dr.Suess themed lunches this week! And even better, Kidlet has been loving it too! I figured we couldn't leave the week without a little One Fish, Two Fish love. I absolutely adore the fish in the car....he always cracks me up!

 Kidlet has a fishie in a car cheese on top of a peanut butter sandwich. On the side he has strawberries, checkered apple, orange bell pepper, and a container of onion dip for the veggies


  1. Love the fish in the car, very cute. I did the same theme for today too :)

  2. gawsh you are so good at characters... master, teach me your ways!! LOL ;)

  3. Super cute Jenn! I love all of your Seuss bentos! :)

  4. He looks fabulous! Another awesome, creative lunch :)


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