Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Annual Disposable Field Trip Lunch

Happy news - the lunchbox that went missing yesterday came home today. No idea where it was but I am glad it's back.

This year Kidlet's gifted class (called LEAP) has been working on a project called Penny Harvest where they raise money for charity in the school. The kids created assemblies, contacted and interviewed potential charities etc. Today they got to go on a field trip to a sort of convention where lots of other schools doing Penny Harvest shared their experiences. Of course this also meant a disposable lunch *ick*

Kidlet got a soy "bologna" sandwich with Penny Harvest spelled in cheese packed in a grape tomato container. On the side are strawberries and blackberries. Under the sandwich are pretzels. On the side he has a frozen yogurt tube which will keep the lunch cold and a V8 V-Fusion.


  1. Disposable lunches are painful, aren't they? John had a hard time at the zoo throwing his stuff away. "We could take them home and reuse them, couldn't we?" And then as it turns out they didn't even have to be disposable lunches! LOTS of his classmates carried their normal lunchboxes (with their normal disposable inside stuff, of course). Ugh!

  2. So glad the lunchbox made it home :)
    Bella has a field trip tomorrow. I have a strawberry basket ready. Had not thought of using a frozen yogurt as an edible ice pack, thank you for that!

  3. Great idea using frozen yogurt to keep the lunch cold, thanks for sharing. Nice looking disposable lunch!


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