Monday, May 21, 2012

Captain America Bento

This lunch is a sad lunch because Kidlet never got to eat it. When he went to get his lunch bag from their bin it was missing. Now, I am really hoping he just overlooked it or it was misplaced rather than the most likely answer that this is a continuation of some bullying we've been dealing with this year. If those punk kids took his lunch box I will be extremely unhappy. Kidlet was so excited when he saw his lunch this morning too. RIP Captain America Bento.

The sad missing ELB has a soy "bologna" sandwich with Captain America shield cheese. On the side are cherries, carrots, and Pirate's Booty.


  1. Oh no! That's terrible! It IS a great lunch, I'm sad Kidlet didn't get to eat it too :( I hope it turns up and was just lost in the shuffle of lunch-grabbing somehow...

  2. This is horrible! This lunch is amazing and I bet he was incredibly disappointed that he never got to eat it ): I hope that missing lunchbox turns up so you can make it for him again!

  3. Hope it was just misplaced... if it was stolen, maybe it is a sign of jealousy... not everyone has a mommy who takes the time and effort to not only create a healthy lunch for their child, but also to make it fun.


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