Friday, June 29, 2012

4th of July Bento Lunch

I know today isn't the 4th of July, but it's time to get some ideas! I'm participating in a fun Patriotic Blog Hop! Follow the link at the end of my post to go to the next lunch. Then click the link at the end of that lunch and so on to follow the Hop!

This lunch took it's toll on me. It all started with the Jello. It wasn't cooperating so I gave up on it, promptly dropped an entire container of blackberries on the floor, stepped in said blackberries, and then smacked myself in the face with an ELB lid. Hard. Lunch making is dangerous, yo.

Kidlet has USA and star soy ham sandwiches. On the side are blackberries, watermelon, and layered Jello.

And now check out my buddy Karen of What's in Mom's Lunch Bag? has to offer. It involves Abe Lincoln and Vampires. What could be more patriotic than that?! :)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Glee: Dalton Academy Warblers Bento Lunch

Kidlet has become obsessed with beat boxing which is cool with me since he generally makes a constant stream of noises anyway. Now at least it sounds good ;) hehe. So of course next up in our Summer Glee lunch extravaganza I had to do a Dalton Academy lunch. The Warblers are a competing Glee club from an all boys school that sing acapella. Kidlet was over the moon when he saw his lunch this morning!

Kidlet has a Warbler blazer made of cheese and food colors on top of a soy ham sandwich. On the side are carrots with ranch dip, strawberries, blackberries, and apple music note.

Stuff used in this lunch:

Monday, June 25, 2012

A Puzzle Lunch

Kidlet spent the last week away from home at camp for the first time! I'm very glad to have him home now but it was nice to sleep in ;) Today he starts Peer-Buddy Camp at school. It's a program that pairs students with special needs students who are in summer school. They help out with classwork and help keep the kids on task. Kidlet participated last year and wanted to do it again this year too! He comes home for lunch but it will be late when we get home so having a bento ready means he won't have to wait to eat!

Kidlet has a peanut butter sandwich cut in to puzzle shapes and topped with natural fruit leather. On the side are strawberries, checkered apple, orange bell pepper, zucchini, and some ranch made using 0% greek yogurt.

Stuff used to make this lunch:

Friday, June 15, 2012

Glee: Slushie Bento Lunch

Continuing on with our Glee theme, I had to do a slushie lunch! If you're not a Glee watcher, the kids at school throw slushies on people they don't like. All.The.Time. And no one does anything about it. You'd think the janitorial staff would have something to say about that. But it does make for highly entertaining tv ;)

Kidlet has a peanut butter sandwich with Big Quench cheese and sprinkle slushie. On the side is yogurt with fruit leather letters, grapes, carrots, and strawberries.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Glee: Grilled Cheesus Bento

Kidlet and I are big Glee fans. Our love of singing, dancing, and being wildly over-dramatic fits well with the show :P For those not aware, there is an episode in which one of the characters makes a grilled cheese sandwich that looks like it has a picture of Jesus on it. He calls it Grilled Cheesus and hilarity ensues.

Packed in an EasyLunchBox is Grilled Cheesus, Carrots with dip, grapes, and a checkered apple. Picks and sauce container have Glee stickers