Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Glee: Grilled Cheesus Bento

Kidlet and I are big Glee fans. Our love of singing, dancing, and being wildly over-dramatic fits well with the show :P For those not aware, there is an episode in which one of the characters makes a grilled cheese sandwich that looks like it has a picture of Jesus on it. He calls it Grilled Cheesus and hilarity ensues.

Packed in an EasyLunchBox is Grilled Cheesus, Carrots with dip, grapes, and a checkered apple. Picks and sauce container have Glee stickers


  1. I've never even seen an episode but this is funny anyways :) And I have Glee fan family who will LOVE it . Happy summer holidays to you & Kidlet!

  2. Hilarious. Husband and I love Glee, too.

  3. That is way awesome!!! So funny and cute. Any Glee fan would be proud to bring that cheesus to school!

  4. Love this! That was a great episode too. :)


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