Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cute Panda Lunch

Today we got to try out our new CuteZCute Bento Cutter. It's really cute and offers an easy way to make your lunch adorable! When I first saw this set I was sure that Kidlet would not allow this for 6th grade lunch so I was shocked when I showed it to him and he liked it!! My fears over no cute Middle School lunches have been unfounded :)

Kidlet has two panda face peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. On the side is a salad with dressing, checkered apple, peaches, and Horizon Organic milk box.

Stuff used in this lunch:


  1. Hey the Panda's looks great, and it's wonderful how open minded Kidlet is, let the cute-ness continue!! Yea!

  2. Love it. I've been tempted to get a panda cutter for fun, as my son really likes pandas, but just haven't broken down yet hehe.

  3. Thankyou Jenn. Love your site and the amazing inspiration that you are giving to all the mums out there on sandwich making autopilot! Could you do a penguin bento? My son is mad for penguins! You are an artist. Thankyou.


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