Monday, September 10, 2012

Dinsosaurs on a Spaceship!

Saturday night's Doctor Who episode featured a lot of fantastic moments! Dinosaurs on a Spaceship! Having new Who material to work with every week is amazing! Check out my buddy Karen's DoaS lunches at What's In Our Lunch Bags?

Kidlet has a soy ham sandwich with cheese letters. On the side are carrots, cucumber, grapes, strawberry, and pineapple.


  1. LOVE!!! As soon as I can actually get into my blog I'll link :)

  2. Wait.. is that a sonic screwdriver just nonchalantly hanging out by your lunch? Anyways, fantastic as usual! I love your blog and have followed it and envied your creativity for quite some time. I’ve awarded you the One Lovely Blog & Very Inspiring Blogger Award! You can find out all about it by clicking here ( You’re under no obligation to accept it, I just wanted to recognize you :) Thanks for all the wonderful blogging!


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