Friday, September 21, 2012

Enjoy Your Burrito

Last night was build your own burrito night for us so Kidlet gets leftovers for lunch. Of course I had to add one of our favorite sayings from The Nerdist

 Kidlet has a burrito with cheese letters, bell peppers with dressing, grapes, checkered apple, and pretzels.


  1. We love burrito and yours is so neat! Love the colors in the bento, yum!:)

  2. Great lunch and layout of the photo...I love how the apple pattern is repeated in your background design! Maybe a quote from The Nerdist, but this bento is totally cool!

  3. Hey, where did my comment go... I thought I commented... I know I looked at this post of Friday because it made me want a burrito for lunch, so I made one, and then I posted the "beans beans" thing on Facebook... hmm, maybe it made me so hungry i forgot to submit my comment :) I did enjoy my burrito, thanks! And I shared it with the Nerdist too... your post, i mean, not my burrito :)

  4. Will you be my mom? I mean it ...Really.... Dr. Who bentos, IT crowd, all the greats! You are a Nerdy kid's (or Nerdy Grown up's0 dream mom!


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