Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Nibbles Lunch

When I asked Kidlet what he wanted in his lunch he responded "Oh you know, just some nibbles!" Nibbles it is! :) We had just gone apple picking so lots of apples were featured!

Main Compartment: Checkered apples, Mini Dipper of caramel dip, carrots, and cucumber.

Small Side Compartment: Pretzels and dip for the veggies

Larger Side Compartment: Boca chik'n patty and string cheese skewers

Apple picking fun! We ended up with 40 pounds of apples! Yum!

Kidlet couldn't wait for a delicious apple!


  1. I love the red and gree checkered apples - so colorful! Can't wait to see what you do with the other 39lbs ;)

  2. Birdie is sitting with me and she is all excited about the Panda Doctor... and she wants to know if Amy Pond is a panda too :) Love the alternating colour checkered apples!

  3. Wow the row of contrasting checkered apples really stands out and is eye-catching. Love it!


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