Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree

Kidlet has been gleefully telling me how many days there are until Christmas every morning. He seems to enjoy the giant groan that follows. But we are slowly checking things off of our list and bento definitely helps me get in to the spirit of the season!

Main Compartment: Tree shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwich with pistachios.

Big Side Compartment: Sweet peppers and dressing

Small Side Compartment: Strawberries and Grapes


  1. Cute Christmas tree :) The penguin is so sweet too! Advent calendars are so much fun. I'd hate to think how lost I would be without ours. It's great to get a daily update on the countdown, lol.

  2. Love the treat.. very cleverly decorated. We love those mini peppers over here too! Yum!


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