Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Lean Cuisine Honestly Good and Giveaway


 Kidlet and I were given the opportunity through BzzAgent to try out Lean Cuisine's new Honestly Good microwave meals. Normally we aren't big microwave meal eaters but this came at a fortunate time as I haven't been feeling well which makes cooking difficult.

I let Kidlet choose which one to try and he picked out the Lemongrass Salmon with coconut-crusted salmon filet, brown rice with wheatberries and slivered almonds, snap peas, orange & yellow carrots, edamame, served with ginger lemongrass sauce.

 I packed lunch up for Kidlet in his new 3 Section Bento Box from BentoUSA.

Right Compartment: Lean Cuisine Honestly Good Lemongrass Salmon, rice, and vegetables.

Top Left Compartment: 2 Hail Merry Chocolate Macaroons

Bottom Left Compartment: Cherries and grapes

The final verdict? Kidlet licked the bento box clean! He said it was "freaking fantastically amazing." I believe that's the highest praise you get from a 12 year old! These will definitely be appearing in our freezer more often!

Kidlet gets his nosh on with delicious salmon!

BzzAgent kindly provided me with some coupons for the Lean Cuisine Honestly Good line of microwave meals that I am going to share with you! 2 winners will each receive 2 coupons for $1.50 off a meal!

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Easy Summer Lunch

This lunch didn't travel very far. Just from the kitchen to the table! For most of the summer we have just been scavenging for lunch on our own but I felt the bento bug and needed to at least put it in an ELB even if it's not super exciting!

Main Compartment: Ham and Havarti sandwich on sourdough bread, macaroni salad, and a chips.

Large Side Compartment: Watermelon and grapes

Small Side Compartment: Carrots and dip

Tools of the Trade 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Summer Roadtrip Lunches

I am breaking my summer hiatus to bring you delicious road trip lunches! Kidlet and I unexpectedly tagged along to Boston with my dad so of course we needed lunch for the way!

It was quick and easy to put together these three lunches. I kept it simple by giving us all the same things. The only differences were condiment preferences on the sandwiches.

Main Compartment: Ham and Havarti sandwich, pretzels, mini goldfish

Large Side Compartment: Apple slices and grapes

Small Side Compartment: Carrots and ranch dip

Kidlet enjoyed his lunch on the go!