Thursday, August 15, 2013

ThrifTeeGear: Lunch bags for Teens Giveaway

ThrifTee Gear is an awesome concept. If you've never encountered them before, they make upcycled lunchbags from your very own t-shirt! They make some from tees they find as well but to me, nothing beats making an eco-friendly lunchbag out of your own beloved tee.

ThrifTee Gear now makes two different lunchbag options so you can choose! The new addition is a backpack style which is a great lunchbag for older kids!

Kidlet chose a cute Marvel Chibi Avengers tee for his bag and it's amazing! He loves it so much and I love it too. Can't wait until he outgrows it so I can snag it ;)

Now, I think it's high time for a giveaway don't you? The amazing Tracie of ThrifTee Gear is giving away a Custom ThrifTee Gear Eco-Cool  Lunchbag, retail value up to $29.95.

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  1. I love these, and have wanted one for so long!

  2. Such a cute idea! I think I'd have to keep this lunch bag for myself!

  3. I don't do facebook. But, I do think this is a cool idea. Some of us grown ups have a t-shirt that we're not ready to retire just yet.

  4. Love the concept. I think I'd want to keep it for myself rather than giving it to my daughter :)


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