Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Stand Back! I'm Going to Try Science!

I am seriously loving our new Planetbox Shuttle. I chose the blank magnets and had fun last night decorating Kidlet's magnets for him.

Left Compartment: Strawberries, Checkered Apple, and Carrots

Right Compartment: Turkey, Cheese, and Lettuce Sandwich with Cheese Atom

Here's the outside of Kidlet's Planetbox! I think I did a pretty good job getting most of his geeky loves in there! It was a lot of fun :D


  1. That's a whole lot of awesome right there! <3 <3 I envy you your talent...and your steady hand!

  2. Seriously awesome! Totally sharing this on FB tonight! Oh, and don't trust atoms.. they make up everything!

  3. I so love this lunch. And I love the decorating skills on the magnets, I need to get a set of these for the rover

  4. It's driving me crazy that the rover DIYs are still out of stock.... AND that I didn't think about getting them for the Shuttle! I think I'll just come get yours instead ;)

  5. This is so freaking cool. Great job!

  6. WOW. Jenn you are seriously such an artist! Love the lunch and love your drawings on the magnets!! It looks fantastic!!


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