Friday, March 14, 2014

Pi Day 2014

Happy Pi Day! We are once again celebrating the wonderfulness that is Pi. If you don't know why it's Pi day it's because today is 3.14. Get it :) Math fun! If you have your own Pi day lunch or activity feel free to link up to the end of this post!

Main Compartment: Half peanut butter sandwich and a mini whoopie pie

Large Side Compartment: Salad

Small Side Compartment: Strawberries

And some lunches from Pi days past!

1.) Pi Day Pies

2.) Pi Day Sandwich

3.) Pi Day Bun


  1. Happy Pi Day! I actually did use my pie silicone cups in Sydda's lunch but no time for a photo.

  2. Love all your Pis :-) Thanks for hosting

  3. This is brilliant, wish I'd been organised enough to make something pi/pie themed for pi day!


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