About Us

Hello there internet people! This little "About Us" section is here to feed your insatiable curiosity about the silly people involved with this site :) 

The Lunch Packer:

Hi! I'm Jenn, 30 year old nerdy girl living in the central Ohio area. I have an amazing 13 year old son, referred to here as Kidlet. More about him later. 

I started packing bento when Kidlet was entering the 1st grade and would be eating lunch at school for the first time. Knowing what icky things they often serve in school cafeterias, I looked for a way to make home lunch exciting so he wouldn't feel like he was missing out. I stumbled on bento making sites and was hooked! Of course, my bento attempts in the beginning were pretty sad looking but Kidlet loved them and I seem to only get better with time!   

A lot of people wonder how long it takes to pack an adorable healthy lunch. The answer is NOT LONG AT ALL!! 10-20 minutes is the norm. I've been doing this so long that I can knock out a checkered apple in seconds, probably with my eyes closed but we don't try that because I've become fond of all of my fingers over the years.

Another common misconception is that cute bento creates evil entitled creatures that expect the amazing all the time. Uh, no. My son loves the bento lunches I make for him but he doesn't expect them and he is always grateful. He is sweet and polite and helpful. That's called parenting people :) You can make your child feel special but not turn them in to a monster. Crazy, I know.

When I'm not making bento, Kidlet and I like to participate in a variety of activities from volunteer work to playing catch in the yard. Saturday nights you'll find us snuggled under blankets watching Doctor Who. 

The Lunch Eater:

This is Kidlet! The best 13 year old ever. He loves to eat his bento lunches and now that he is in 7th grade he likes to help plan them and make them too! 

Kidlet was a vegetarian for 6 years but has currently started eating meat again. I, as always, support his choices.

He loves reading, playing the piano, dancing, playing video games, drawing, being ridiculous, and of course spending time with his mom :) (Don't tell him I said that or I'll get the teen eye roll! hehe)


  1. I'm new to your site but so far I just love it. I think it's great that you support your sons choice to be a vagitarian even though you are not one yourself. I have noticed that many of the lunches on your site include mostly peanut butter and jam samis. Unfortunately pbj is banned due to allergies in almost all Canadian schools ( don't get me started on the stupidity of this rule) . I was hoping you could offer other ideas as my daughter is also not fond of meat. Thank you for such a great site. I'll be here often.

    1. Is it specifically peanuts that are banned? Because there are other nut butters - like almond butter - that are fantastic with jelly :)

  2. Hi, I'm a mom from Trinidad and was wondering what brand of food coloring pens do you use? I love the star wars cookie cutter sandwiches (I can source cookie cutters from amazon) and I am sure my 5 year old son would to! he's starting his new school this term. Thanks.

  3. Hi there im a newbie at this and was wondering when they say,use pasta to ancher something .what does that mean?

  4. Im a newbie at this and was wondering what it means, when they say you can use pasta to anchor things? Thanks! Also i have 5 girls 3,4,6,14,15! How can i please everyone and still bento?


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